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1. Who we are
2. Content Licensing
3. Bespoke Travel Solutions
4. Client Sectors
5. Banner Advertising and Sponsorship
6. Testimonials
7. Contact Us

1. Who we are

The Columbus World Travel Guide is known as 'the Bible of the Travel Industry'. For 26 years we have published the Columbus World Travel Guide which is sold in over 90 countries worldwide.  The success of this, led to the establishment of our presence online in 1996, enabling us to offer and license our travel and destination content to third party sites for the benefit of their users.  We supply the many of the top-ranking travel companies in the world with the destination information that is on their public websites as well as many small family-run travel and property websites.

Our team of in-house editors and our international network of multi-lingual freelance journalists and travel writers have been able to create travel guides specifically for this on-line environment. We have created our core product, The World Travel Guide in several languages, German, Spanish and French and produced a unique World Airport Guide in the same languages and more. An in-depth World City Guide, providing information on over 150 culturally important cities and our World Events and Attraction Guide, the World Cruise Guide and our collection of images, films and maps in the World Image Guide add to the portfolio of comprehensive travel information that we supply.

To celebrate 10 years online we proudly announce our new World Events Guide. This features over 4,000 events across five continents in some 80 countries, ranging from small scale local events to major international festivals. New events are added to the site daily.

2. Content Licensing

In addition to producing high quality balanced travel content for third parties, we can also assist with the implementation of this into your site in order to help you attract and retain more users and maximise sales. This can be done in two ways:

(a) Hosted White Labelled Solution:
Our technical team can create a solution whereby our data is added to your site, within your look and feel. This information is then hosted on one of our dedicated servers. This service will allow you to concentrate on other site matters, as we will update and maintain the site regularly for you and give you a one stop shop for all your needs and queries. We create such a solution for a number of clients. For examples of these, please see and USA Today below:


(b) Raw Data:
We are also flexible enough to realise that this may not be an ideal solution for your needs. For this reason we also supply raw data in XML. This can be done quickly and sent either as email attachment or by FTP Account transfer.
Right click here, and choose "save target as", for a sample country structure in xml format.

3. Bespoke Travel Solutions

With a multitude of travel guides in numerous languages we can help you to choose a comprehensive and informative Travel Guide on display for your users. However we appreciate there maybe areas you would like us to cover or do so in further detail. So, if there is anything you would like us to create for you by way of content, we can instruct our editorial team to work toward adding this to our existing information and supplying you with what you need.

4. Client Sectors

Although we are naturally successful within the online travel market providing portals, airlines, hotel groups and travel agents alike we also work with clients in other sectors, such as Educational, Defence, Financial, Health, Telecommunications and Lifestyle to name just a few.

5. Banner Advertising and Sponsorship

If you wish to link to any of the Columbus travel guide sites you may do so without our written approval. Click here to link to us. For online Advertising and sponsorships opportunities please contact

6. Testimonials

"The World Travel Guide is the most complete source of information for a travel agent. It is always on my desk." Marco Agustoni, Secretary General, World Association of Travel Agents

"How did we ever manage without it? A mature publication for a maturing industry" Colin Trigger, President, Association of British Travel Agents

"The World Travel Guide is a comprehensive world wide reference book for all segments of the travel and tourism industry." Jeanne Epping, President, American Society of Travel Agents

What the papers say:
"A Godsend to the Globetrotter" USA Today

"The best information bank on the internet for agents and travellers" Mail on Sunday

"You'll find all the answers's packed full of useful information for travellers and it's the sort of stuff you won't find out at your local travel agent" Internet Magazine

"Great for those short on holiday ideas or those wanting to find out more about a country before visiting" The Sunday Times

"Major resource for information hungry travel agents" Travel Agent

"Most useful guide I have ever seen in my entire life" Independent on Sunday

Feedback from our users:
"May I say firstly that in my two years on the net and my one year working in the medium, your website is the best and most informative site I have seen. Your site was so easy to access and very fast download of your pages made it a joy to read. I spent a long time on your site and even learned more about the history of my home town . . . " W Stirling, Spain

"I've travelled the net for information on various cities and countries and have had the best results finding what I need to know about countries of interest at the World Travel Guide site. Keep up the good work." F LaGare, Arizona, USA

"I have used this service to determine holiday trip destinations and I was impressed that the site actually contains USEFUL information for a generic traveller. I wasn't expecting tip rates, internal transportation schedules etc. for an exotic country, such as Kenya." Sami Reijonen, Finland

"This site is what makes the WWW worthwhile. I found all the information I had been looking and asking countless people for. I will now recommend your site not only when needed but also just a good place to expand one's knowledge. Thanks." Eric Duncan, Washington DC, USA.

I love your page. It has all the information that I have been looking for. It is all in one place and organised. I especially like the fact that all the little countries get just as much attention as the bigger ones. Some of the information such as visas for the smaller countries is hard to find, but your site makes the information easy and quick to find." Luke Oetker, California, USA.

7. Contact Us

Please direct all enquiries to the relevant area:

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